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Articulate 2007 Guru Award winner Prometheus Training Corporation created this outstanding demo which highlights many of the capabilities of Articulate Studio ’09. You’ll notice Presenter ‘09 features like player navigation locking (slides 3 and 11), annotations (slides 5, 7, 15, 16, 17, 24), rich notes formatting, and improved output fidelity. On slides 10 and 27, Prometheus creatively used Quizmaker ’09 features such as the freeform design tools in Slide View, branching, and rich question feedback. And Prometheus takes full advantage of Engage ’09 with step branching (slide 9) as well Engage player tabs (Help/About Us). Learn more about how they made it.

The source files for an excerpt of this demo are available in the Downloads area, in case you’d like to de-construct some of the content.

Steve Moore