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Articulate 2009 Guru Award Bronze winner SSC created this HIPAA Privacy Compliance course, which features a custom player skin from Articulate partner Kineo, an interesting story, and an effective use of video and interactivity to reinforce the learning.

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Doug Willner
Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Doug! On-click triggers from PowerPoint aren't supported when you convert your content to Flash. However, you could simulate the same effect by creating a separate slide to represent the "back" of the flashcard, and inserting a hyperlink that takes the learner to that slide when they click. You'd use the same technique shown in this blog post: Or, here's an even easier solution: if you have Articulate Engage, you can use the Flashcards interaction... that way all the work is done for you -- all you need to do is enter the content you want your learners to see. Here's where you can download the Flashcards interaction and see an example of it: Expand