We love the new responsive features in Storyline 360. Now when you create e-learning, you can rest assured learners will have a mobile-optimized experience when viewing it on their mobile devices. And the best part is that all you do is click Publish! You can even preview how your course will look on any device before you publish.  

In this video, Articulate CTO Arlyn Asch will give you a personal tour of the responsive player and preview features in Storyline 360:

Isn’t it fantastic that the responsive player does all the work to optimize the mobile learning experience so that you don’t have to? If you haven’t already tried it out, download Storyline 360 from 360.articulate.com to get started!

And dive into these tutorials to learn more about creating multi-device e-learning with Storyline 360.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donna and Wanda, If you're using Storyline or Studio 360, you can publish for HTML5 and not include the option to use the Articulate Mobile player app. That would allow you to see and use the new responsive player that is described in this article. If you include the Mobile player as an option, you'll see that appear if it's a device that supports it and prompt you to download if you don't already have it downloaded, and then the courses will try to open there. In some scenarios, such as a SCORM 1.2 or 2004 course, they may not load in the Mobile player based on the inability of those publish options to pass log in credentials to the mobile player. If you were publishing for Tin Can API it should work though. So the bottom line is, if you need mobile output and you're not includ... Expand

Tracey Stokely
Marge Rutter