Use 360° images to create immersive learning experiences. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about the feature below.

What does the public beta tag mean?

360° images are currently in public beta for Storyline 360, which means you can use them for production as we continue to enhance them. Releasing them as a public beta feature allows you to provide feedback and help shape their evolution.

Are 360° interactions accessible?

This guide lists available accessibility enhancements for 360° images, and there’s more work underway to improve the accessibility experience. Stay tuned!

Are 360° images available in Content Library 360?

​​Content Library 360 doesn’t support 360° images. If you need panoramic images, visit this article to learn where to find them and how to create your own.

Are 360° videos supported?

No, but you can always share your interest in 360° video support by submitting a feature request.

Are 3D models supported? 

No, but you can embed the 3D model as a web object.

Is virtual reality (VR) supported?

No, but you can always share your interest in VR support by submitting a feature request.

Are panoramas taken with an Apple device supported?

An Apple device's camera with panoramic mode enabled captures 240° cylindrical panoramas. You can insert such images into Storyline 360, but they won’t render correctly. For the best results, use 360° equirectangular panoramas with a 2:1 aspect ratio.

How many 360° images can I have in a project?

There’s no limit to the number of 360° images you can add to a project.

Can I customize the interactive elements?

Yes, there are various customization options for markers and hotspots. Visit these user guides for details: 

Can I edit the built-in states for markers?

The built-in states for markers in 360° interactions are not customizable. We’d love to hear your feedback! Share the type of states you need by submitting a feature request.

How do I disable the Next button until all markers are clicked?

David Anderson covers several ways to make sure learners view all 360° image markers before clicking the Next button in this video tutorial.

Can I add a trigger to adjust the view of my 360° image?

There isn't a specific trigger that will change the view of your interaction. For a list of available actions, see the screenshot below. You can, however, add the same 360° image to a new slide or layer with a different initial view, then add a trigger to jump to that slide or layer.

View of the trigger wizard.

Visit this user guide to learn about adding triggers to markers and hotspots.

What if my question isn’t on this list?

We love questions! Just open a support case, and we’ll get right back to you with an answer.