Audio on Demand

Is it possible to create an engage interaction and allow the user to click on a button to hear an audio file? I'm challenged by not wanting to read the content just so I can give examples (unit is all about telephone greetings).  This is a refresher so people can click through the sections and read the slides and I would like them to have the option to play a file(s).  Possible?

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Eamonn McKenna

Hi Anne

TBH I dont know if it can be done in engage (although probably can)

However, if it cannot be done, how about having an opening "side" that tells the trainee to "mute" sound if they dont want to listen to it........just make sure you free up the navigation completely to allow trainee to skip through training material at a pace that suites them.......not the cleanest way of doing it but it would work


Anne Koproski

Thanks Eamonn. I was trying to allow for not hearing the script as a voice over but allowing them to hear the examples.  If they mute all, they would miss the examples.  I was thinking I could create a lot of branching/hyperlinking slides in PPT and give option to play a sample, but they will get rather cumbersome.  Appreciate the suggestion.