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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nick! I hope you are not trying to import Engage into Storyline just because you want to publish to HTML5?! Engage '13 will now allow you to do this. Phil is right though, if you are trying to import Engage '13 into Storyline  it will not work at this time. Just wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything here

Nick Elkins

Thanks, Leslie. I appreciate your following up.

Is it safe to say an update will be coming soon? Or will an update for iOS7 sizing issues come out first with an update to SL for Studio '13 at a later time? I know the iOS7 problem must be top priority internally - just curious about the decision-making process as to when everything will come out.

Thank you again!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laith,

We don't have any updates just yet - but I know this is certainly something we want to see available soon. 

In the meantime, I recommend following us on the following sites:

We'll be sure to announce any updates. We'll also comment on related threads, so make sure that you've subscribed to this topic.