Minimum size/length of .flv?

I think I've discovered that very short .flv files simply will not work in the Engage Media Tour interaction - is that right? I've captured some jerky application software with lengthy pauses between screens. I edited to show only the moving parts, some of which are just a couple of seconds long (less than 100 KB.) Those little pieces, valuable as they are, simply won't save or play in an Engage Media tab. Although I don't have time to research now, I thought I had equally small segments in prior lessons.

I've deleted and rebuilt the Media Tour, played the small video segment in Windows, even deleted and re-installed Studio.

My work-around is to show a static screen shot (.png), but I'd rather use motion video, small though they are.

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Wayne Vermillion

Thanks for your reply, Justin.

Actually, I've just established that there is indeed a minimum size requirement, at least on my system in my (re-) installation, which is about 2 seconds and about 120KB. I've used the same technique (SnagIt/AVI => .flv) and the referenced best practices for a couple of years now on this project, and never encountered the problem before. However, I just satisfactorily published a longer version of the same video capture on a Media Tour interaction. Users are going to have to put up with a few seconds of "Processing..." between action shots. I guess previous snips were just over the minimum.