Bug Applying Transparency to Photo After Other Effects?

Hey Justin or Brian! 

Is this a known bug or possibly an issue with my setup (Windows 7 32-bit).

1.  I have a quiz in QM09 (v3.3.1009.1313).

2.  I go to Slide View for a true-false question.

3.  I insert a photo on the question slide (I'm using one with a man against a white background).

4. I right-click on the photo and chose "Size and Position."

5. I reset the photo to 80% (and maintain the aspect ratio).

6. I then go to Format > Rotate and select Flip Horizontal for the photo.

7. I then go to Format > Recolor and select Set Transparent Color.

8. When I then click on any spot on the photo with the transparency wand, this error message comes up:

If I do the same thing on a results slide, I get the same error message.

If I do things in a different order, and apply the transparency first, I do not get an error message.


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Brian Batt

Hi Gerry,

It looks like rotating or flipping the image before setting the transparency is causing the issue.  Since the image is flipped, Quizmaker can't figure out the correct X-Y relationship for the pixels.

I'll submit to the Quality Assurance team for review.

The workaround, as you've noted, is to apply the transparency before rotating or flipping the image.