Manually Retrofit Courses to AO?

I'm guessing this might not be possible but I'll ask anyways . . .

I have a client who is considering using AO for some external training.

They have some existing Studio '09 courses as web, AICC, and SCORM 1.2. Unfortunately, the source PPT, QM, and AE files for these courses are gone or missing. Not good. (Glad I didn't create these. )

All they have is the published output for the courses.

I'm guessing the published output of these courses cannot be manually retrofitted somehow to be launchable and trackable in AO? Correct? Or is it at least possible for those courses published to SCORM 1.2? All the courses were published without the option to manual load into AO checked in Studio '09.

I suppose one other option is to insert these courses as web objects in new courses created in Studio '13 or SL and then publish to AO from there. Or just recreate the courses from scratch in Studio '13 or SL.

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