Replacing a Course in Articulate Online

Hey Folks! Got a quick Articulate Online question from a client. Here's what they've asked:

Can you replace an existing course in Articulate Online and have it remember where the user left off?

My question is, if someone is, say, on slide seven of the course and closes out, then we update the file that night, when they come back in, will it remember their progress with bookmarking and also give them credit for the slides viewed in terms of completion status?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tim, 

If you publish a content item from Storyline, Presenter, Quizmaker or Engage, you may be prompted to overwrite an existing content item. If you say Yes, the original content item will no longer be available for viewing. It will be replaced by the new content item you publish to your account.

You will still be able to run reports on the older versions of the content item. When running a report, you will be given an option to specify the version of the content item you wish to run a report on.

So the bookmarking and tracking elements will start anew with the updated version. 

Doug Bedinger

I just tried to update a course on Articulate Online with a new version that I created using Storyline 3, but Articulate Online created a new course instead of replacing the older one.  The course names are exactly the same (I even copied and pasted the old title into the Publish dialog box), but the previous course was created using Presenter 13.  Would that make a difference?

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Doug!

As long as the title stays the same and you're using the same app (i.e., published and republished in Storyline), you'll get a prompt to overwrite the course. Going through that flow will keep the same URL.

A few other areas to note:

  • As long as the content has the same Publish Title as before, you will be asked to overwrite the existing version in Articulate Online when you republish. When prompted, select Yes to confirm that you want to overwrite (update) the existing version. 
  • On the other hand, if you change the Publish Title when you republish, it will create a new Articulate Online content item.
  • Updating a content item in Articulate Online will not change the URL, permissions, or existing reporting data for that content item.
  • If the content item you're updating is a standalone quiz or a presentation being tracked by an embedded quiz, you will be prompted to select which revision of the content item you want to report on when you run an Answer Breakdown report.
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Doug Bedinger

Thank you for your rapid responses.  I have successfully updated courses in the past using the same publish title, no problem.  But this time something is not working.  Here are my publish titles copied and pasted from my Articulate Online Content pages for comparison.  Perhaps there is something I'm missing here:

Original publish title: Company Overview – 1.0 Course Home

Revision publish title: Company Overview – 1.0 Course Home

Can you detect any difference?

Katie Riggio

Hello Doug,

I appreciate the extra clues! The formatting of both publish titles looks identical, so we're safe there. ✔️

You mentioned that the course was created in Presenter '13. Did you use Presenter '13 to publish the original version of the course to Articulate Online as well? 

If you republish a new version of that course to Articulate Online using Storyline (even with the same publish title), that will create a new URL for the content item. As long as the title stays the same and the same app is used to republish, a prompt to overwrite the course will appear.

Let me know if that helps!

Doug Bedinger

Thank you for confirming that the titles are the same.

Yes, the original was published using Presenter '13, while the new version is being published using Storyline 3.  Why is this?  Is there any way to retain user history or course link from the previous version?

The whole reason I am updating the course (and there are 5 more modules to update) is to address the loss of flash.  I purchased Storyline 3 to be able to publish with html5 only, but now I it seems I cannot update the course, but must replace it and update all the links outside Articulate Online that point to this course.

Is that correct?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Doug!

Publishing from Presenter 13 to Articulate Online creates a presentation, and publishing from Storyline 3 to Articulate Online creates a story. When updating your file, you'll need to use the same program and same Publish Title to override the original project.

I'm so sorry for the trouble! I know my teammate, Katie, shared this previously, but we will be shutting down Articulate Online on December 31, 2021. I'd hate for you to go through the trouble of reassigning and updating content if it's not going to be available in the long term. 

If we can help make this transition easier for you, please don't hesitate to reach out for support! We want to make sure you're fully prepared.