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I've just joined the forums, so please forgive me if this question duplicates anything posted earlier. Does anyone know when Articulate Studio will be updated to support ActionScript 3? I have a client who has to use Captivate 5 (which outputs only AS3 and won't export to an earlier version of Captivate) to record proprietary application simulations for me, and I have to manually regress them to Captivate 4 (which outputs either AS2 and AS3) in order to include them in modules developed with Studio 09.

I'm open to great ideas for making this process of version regression as easy as possible.

Thanks, all.

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Christian Vonarburg

Great Brian, thanks. And thanks a lot for this video!!! (very helpful) 

One question: will this still work to command pages in PPT? (my flash is a menu). If yes, would you happen to know the actionScript3 code for that? In actionScript2, I used to write: 

button1.onRelease = function() {



Now I have: 


function buttonfuntion1(evt:MouseEvent) {

///and here I want to say "play slide number 7 of my PPT/Articulate course"///


steve mcmillen

Other gotcha with web objects is if you use tabs they will open up underneath the web object content.

If you wanted to get real tricky there technically is a solution.  You could use what is called 'Local Connection' to communicate between an AS3 web object and an AS2 file that maybe sits in the presentation panel or something that listens to these types of calls and then fires off Articulate API calls.

I've used Local Connection before in an AS3 based eLearning player that I developed to allow it to play older AS2 files and it works great. 

Joseph Baiocco

When will QuizMaker start using/generating Actionscript 3.0? It's not exactly new :(

In my use case I'm developing eLearning content using Adobe Captivate, but I have to use an older version of it (Captivate 4.0) because QM quizzes can't be plugged into Captivate versions newer than that (due to AS2 vs AS3). The web objects solution and local connection won't work or don't apply to my situation.

Any ideas?



Joseph Baiocco

Actually, my questions are more along the line of current pricing and potential upgrades to future versions (that support AS3.0). We have several Articulate Studio licenses and are evaluating purchasing more licenses.

During this evaluation period I've been recommending QuizMaker to my training department peers, but until it supports AS3.0 its value cannot be fully appreciated nor utilized in our workflow.

On a related note, if I were to ask any company's Sales Rep about a product's roadmap and he couldn't/wouldn't give me any information about if/when his product could meet my needs, I'd be concerned.


Brian Batt

Hi Joe,

We can give out basic information like support for ActionScript 3.0.  However, we stay away from the "roadmap" strategy because there's no guarantee that one feature or another will actually make the final release.  

Although I do not know what needs you specifically have, I have a feeling that our Storyline product will become a huge part of your development cycle.  If you would like to participate in the Beta of Storyline, please email explaining why you want to be part of the beta.  Due to the overwhelming response for participation in the beta, there's no guarantee that you will be apart of the beta.

Regarding upgrade plans, we do have a PMP membership plan.  You can read more about it here:

I'll have your account rep contact you to see if you have any additional questions.

Christian Vonarburg

Hello Brian, 

Back to your video on how to integrate the SWF by using web objects.

My swf file is now a simple flash without commands for PPT. I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly fine.  ...until I copied all publication files to another computer (even to another location of my own computer). It seems that some connection is missing, my flash file doesn't appear on my page.

When I open the published files I can see, under "data" > "webobject_slide2", my "intro.swf" and the "index.html". If I click on index, the swf is playing fine.

Did I miss something?

In advance, thanks for your response. 


Brian Batt

Hi Christian,

Just to clarify, you moved the published files to a different location on your machine.  Is that correct?  If so, that shouldn't impact the relative links to your files.  However, you'll want to take a look at your entire folder path to see if there are any special characters or the length is over 256 characters as this could make it impossible for Articulate to actually find the files.

With that being said, you should always test your content online instead of locally, especially when you're using web objects.  Some web browsers don't like to display "local zone" content with "online content" like web objects.  You'll essentially run into security issues that prevent the file from being loaded.

Errol Hoffman

Hi Brian,

I am working with AS 3.0 .swf files imported as web objects in Articulate. I went through the video tutorial and have followed the steps exactly. The index.html files themselves open perfectly in firefox and they also work fine when the presentation is published. The preview of the slide, however, just displays a white square the size of the object and a scroll bar. The presentation is so big that pulishing everytime would take hours... So fixing the preview is really my only option!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much