Can I set up my training course with an attestation page at end?

I work in a compliance department for healthcare and there is a lot of language we need to put into our training materials that is very specific and required.

  • First - with every training the leaner needs to be pass the assessment at the end
  • Second - we have an attestation at the end of some courses that comes up after they have passed the assessment which I am doing in Quiz Maker

My question is, after the assessment, can I create a second quiz which will be my Attestation page and they have to click yes they agree to everything before continuing.  So there will essentially be back to back quizses in Articulate. 

Anyone else have a similar sitaution.  The last thing I am running into is there is so much language to put into the attestation the font will be so small no one will be able to read it.  Any help or suggsetions would be appreciated.

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Peter Anderson

Hi Jennifer, and welcome to Heroes!

Quizmaker gives you plenty of flexibility to design and personalize your courses and quizzes. Have a look at the below link for some ideas on how to build a course that guides users through several stages:

You may even want to consider directing your users to a separate webpage with the verbose language about attestation, then have them come back to Quizmaker to verify that they've read it. 

If you'd like more specific ideas and examples, I'm sure one of my more creative colleagues would be happy to chime-in

Hope that's helpful!

Jennifer Sarracino

thank you Petery I will take a look at the link and see what information I can grab from it.  I know several months ago I had put back to back quizzes in my training session and for some reason we were having problems with testing.  Now its a new year and I have to update all my matters and thats one big concern I have is to ensure I can add the atttestation but I like your idea of just taking them to a seperate page to read and then back into quiz maker. 

Thank you again for your time.

Jim Heiliger

For this situation, we implement an "acknowledgement" quiz at the next to last slide (no matter what quizzes, etc., have occurred previously). The acknowledgement quiz is a one-question Multiple Answer Quiz (to get the check box). That slide is locked so they cannot proceed until clicking the check box (with whatever verbiage) and clicking Submit, then they go to a Conclusion slide stating they have completed/passed/whatever. Passing the acknowledgement "quiz" marks the course as complete.