Can't access website - Any else experience this?

We just upgraded to Studio 13 and at the same time we upgraded our workstations. For some reason I can't access the website. Also, when I'm in any of the Studio 13 programs the window that connects to says "This page can't be viewed". I have our IS team working on this as it seems to happen only on the workstations that have Studio 13 installed. Has anyone experienced this issue and know what the solution is? Our IS team is scratching their heads trying isolate the problem so I thought I'd help them by appealing to the articulate community for help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Marty, seems to be functioning properly for me. I've even cleared my cache and tested with my little collection of web browsers. They all seem to load the site/sub-pages properly for me. 

I also don't see any incident reports on the status page for the site. 

Do you know if you're behind a firewall or if any updates/changes have been made? Or maybe even a new antivirus on the machines that are having this issue? 

I'm curious to see if you're still having trouble with this, or if your IS team has had any luck on their end.