Change the Navigation Restrictions on an already Published Course

At my work we build very large, video intensive, courses for our clients. The clients do not want their users to be able to skip ahead in the courses. So to accommodate their request, naturally I selected the 'Restricted' setting under Navigation in Player Template before I published. The only problem was that they wanted to be able to 'test' the course by going all the way to end, without having to sit through the whole training.

So what I was having to do was publish two versions of the course. One where the client could 'test' it all the way to the end, and then one that restricted the users' navigation. This took up a lot of my time, as publishing large courses, as well as uploading and sending takes time.

Then one day I thought, 'There's got to be a better way.' Turns out with a little investigation I indeed found that better way. I blogged about it here:

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