Changing/Adding Custom Bottom Left Logo

Hello all,

We are trying to add/replace the logo in a course using the XML code as we do not have the source files for the course itself (we used a vendor). We found instructions at the following link but they are not changing anything in our files (we have done this successfully for the regular logo in the top left). 

Does anyone know if there are any restrictions in ability to change the bottom left logo based on the version of Articulate Studio? We suspect the vendor may have used an older version where this option may not be available.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chantelle,

Are you using a SWF file for the logo as outlined in the article? Also, make sure your logo is the correct size.

If the image you are using for your logo in Presenter '09 is using the CMYK color model, your logo will not appear in your published presentation. See this article for more information.

If you continue to have trouble with the logo, can you share it with me so I can test it in a presentation? 

Thanks Chantelle!


Chantelle N

Hi Christine,

Yes, we did publish as a SWF file. I'm actually not sure what version of Presenter is even used for the course, though, because we don't have the actual presenter/ppt file and I'm not sure how to tell without it, except for the generalization that I know it's not the most recent Presenter. We couldn't seem to find any other clues in the code, and the code is the only way we are able to edit the presentation (again, the vendor created the files, published, and sent to us and are not offering us any more edits on the files).

So, I guess I want to first make sure that this should work for whichever version it may be. If it should, I then would ask if it should work if we only have the code to edit (per the code I found in the initial article I linked to). If both of these factors are ok, I can provide you with the image to test to ensure it is correct.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chantelle,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that it will work if you do not have access to the presentation files. It's a little strange that they're unable to send them to you, it's quite simple to create and share a Presenter Package. If you've already modified the top logo, may I ask why you would want the lower one changed? The owner of the file can either change it, or simply disable the "Powered" logo at the bottom, if they just don't want to have this shown. Mostly just asking out of curiosity, I'm sure the vendor has their reasons

Since our options are a little limited with working with the file, all I can offer to do is see if I can use the logo and share the information with you. Only having access to the code, it really may just be a matter of not having the file within the presentation output. You can enter it into the code, but if the logo file can't be added to the content, it won't be able to find it and pull it into the presentation. 

Again, I'm happy to try to work with the file, but I can't promise it will work with only having the code to edit. However, I will be off for the weekend, so I may not be able to respond quite as quickly. Another option would to contact our support team and see if they can work with you a little closer on the code or provide some suggestions.

Thanks again, Chantelle.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope we're able to find a way to get this to work for you!


Chantelle N

Ok, thanks Christine. That information is helpful.

I should clarify one thing as I think I misspoke; we do have the source files in terms of the published output folders, etc. I only meant we don't have the source Presenter file, but we do have the contents of each published package.

The vendor situation is somewhat unique. They weren't really a "vendor" per se who created the courses just for us - they were a small business who happened to have the specialized technical courses we needed, so we asked to work with them to use their content for our employees. They agreed, but of course they weren't going to give us the actual Presenter files to own for ourselves, and we are not paying them to continuously service the courses, so we have just worked with what we have.

I asked the same question as well about the logos when I heard that we were being instructed to add TWO of them. One is a generic one while the other includes our sub-business, so I guess our management wanted both. Either way, I didn't see why they wanted such redundancy. The "Powered by" logo was already removed.

At any rate, they have actually agreed to drop this second logo issue because of our issues, and it clearly didn't seem to be crucial to the course. But, I thought I would still continue the discuss to get as much information possible in order to be able to better explain why we can't do this if we are ever asked again. I appreciate the feedback, and I'm totally fine without having any guarantees. But, if there is a way we can edit the code working within the packages we have, that would be great. 

I'll have to get back to you with the logo since I am now on another machine. Thanks again for all your help,