Combining Audio and Narrations

I have a taped recording of someone I want to use as a sample in my eLearning course.  I also want to introduce it.  This is as simple as me saying - "How would you assess this interaction?" followed by a pre-recorded phone greeting by someone else.  I have imported the audio file to the slide and I have recorded a narration.  It appears the narration wipes out the associated audio file.  Do I have to record my intro outside of Articulate and then combine it with the prerecording (using Audacity) and then import that audio to the slide? If so, I'm concerned about the difference in quality between my narrations using Samson Go Mic and my having to use a digital recorder to capture this one off.  I am perhaps not savvy enough to know how to use the Samson Go Mic to record outside of Articulate; just to create a digital recording.  Thank you everyone.

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Brian Batt

Hi Anne,

You would need to import your pre-recorded phone greeting into a program like Audacity and then record your introduction.  After that, you would need to edit the pre-recorded phone greeting so that it doesn't play until after your introduction.  Finally, you would export your compiled audio into a WAV file and then import that into Presenter.

Does that make sense?  The audio quality shouldn't be much different (if at all) than using the other procedure.

Anne Koproski

Thanks, Brian. It took a little doing, mainly because my original audio file was done in stereo and my new recordings were not.  I just saved them as mono files and then worked inside Audacity for the rest.  I had to adjust overall audio in Presenter but it appears to be fine.  Thanks for the help!