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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Susan!

You may find that videos in your Articulate Studio '13 courses don't always play as expected in HTML5 output when viewed on Apple iOS 9 iPads and iPhones. We added support for iOS 9 in Update 7 for Studio '13. See this article for details on how to update your Studio '13 software and your published courses.
Susan Winkie

Thanks Leslie.  This is a brand new issue related to the specific IOS release that occurred 5 days ago: 9.2.1.  We are trying to find out if others are having the issue - if it is a Compliance Wire situation or Articulate.  The modules were working perfectly before this most recent upgrade.

Susan Winkie

Hi there:

I have uploaded the course to SCORM CLOUD and the test showed the same
behavior. The course loads and we hear audio, but do not see any images.
This is the same behavior that is happening on Compliance Wire with our
Articulate 13 courses published in SCORM 2.1.

Please let me know next steps.

Thank you,


Susan Winkie

It seemed like a good idea to first make sure the update was applied to
these modules, which I could not confirm. So I have updated Articulate and
republished. The problem I continue to have is when uploading to SCORM
CLOUD I keep getting this error message, so can't test the new one.