Deleting an Articulate Presentation

I have created an elearning unit, which we are sharing with a few clients to get some feedback.  I will send them the Articulate generated email with the zipped presentation.  Is there some way to make this unaccessible after a period of time? By giving them the zipped piece, have I given away the store, so to speak, which they could then share with whomever, whenever?

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Brian Batt

Hi Anne,

It's not possible to expire the published Articulate files.  However, you may want to host your published files online if you're worried about a client taking advantage of the files.  You can learn more about putting your published files online by using the Dropbox method described in the link below:

Anne Koproski

Have you ever used Dropbox to host an entire presentation?  I am uploading files to a public folder now and it appears I must upload every single file, all contents of data and player folders - many, many files which I think I must upload one at a time. Is this correct?  Before I go through all that, I thought I should check.

Anne Koproski

Hi Brian,  I have copied my entire folder (unzipped from Presenter) to the Public folder.  It does say that I can only link to actual files, not folders.  So this leaves me with all the many folders and files within Presenter (quizmaker, engage, swf, etc.) to link.  Have you done this with a complete presenter folder before?  I was trying to ask Tom per the screenr link you sent, but twitter having a problem letting me enter a comment even after I've logged in. 

Anne Koproski

Hi Brian, perhaps you could answer another question for me on this.  I did send public URL to a client who could not access because they received a message that it "potentially violated internet usage."  I'm thinking her company has siimply blocked it and even sending the zip file will not work as don't both players take you to the same place?  Additionally, big picture question - if a company does not have their own LMS and do have this type of blockage, they would not be a good candidate for this type of elearning.  Do I have this all correct?