Editing XML for the QUIZ of a Published Course

Hello all,

We are working with a vendor on some e-learning they have created that we are repurposing for our company. We don't have the source files, only the output they give us.

We found many errors in title naming and we want them fixed, but the vendor is not willing to republish everything "just" to fix the titles (separate issue altogether). We found out we can edit titles of lessons or TOC items through the presentatin and playerproperties .xml files in the data folders, however we cannot find a way to do something similar for the quiz titles as those packages don't contain the data folders, only the LMS and quiz_Content folders - neither of which seem to have any XML files to edit. Editing the imsmanifest file does not produce any results.

Is this possible, or does changing the title of a quiz require that it be changed in the program and then republished back out, contrary to the lesson files? The area we need to change is below (it's right above the text that displays what question you are on in the quiz).




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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)


Quizmaker used to have a data.xml file that worked like presentation.xml. But in more recent versions Articulate packs it up inside a swf. Presumably to keep students from loading the xml into their browser and seeing the answers. So it might be possible to open the swf in a decompiler and edit the title.  But that may be just as much trouble as republishing them :-(