No audio when viewing course on Kindle Fire

Checked one of courses that was recently uploaded to our LMS on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9" tablet and none of the audio is playing. The course is working, for the most part (it's a little sluggish and the logo isn't displaying), on the Kindle. Has this been a problem with other tablets?


  • Was built in 09 using PowerPoint 2010 and recently converted into a 13 version
  • Audio is MP3 recorded narration that was imported into Presenter
  • It's packaged as SCORM 2004 with Include HTML5 Output is checked


  • Is supposed to be compatible with mobile devices

My Kindle Fire

  • I was viewing it using Kindle's Silk browser (which I suspect could be the problem)
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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Tim,

The Kindle Fire isn't currently a supported device for viewing mobile content with Studio '13 output - Flash or HTML5. Currently, the supported mobile device is the iPad - either through the Articulate Mobile Player (Flash) or the Safari browser (HTML5).

For more information on viewing requirements, please review the following article:

Articulate Studio Suite - Tech Specs

Having said that, however, there may be some community members that have been able to work with the Kindle Fire successfully. Maybe they could chime in and give you some assistance with the issues you're seeing with your course audio. 

In the meantime, it may help to test your course on a supported device. If you see the same issue there, we may be able to help.