Pausing Slide with Hyperlink-Opening Slide in Current Window/Self

Long story short:  I've got a TOC with narration, animation, and annotation.  The narration needs to play every time the TOC comes up.  The TOC is linked to five different Articulate modules (external hyperlinks).

As it is now, the user clicks the first link of the TOC, and the first chapter opens in a new window. That works great.  The problem is that now two narration tracks are playing if the user clicks before the narration is done, and in testing, they all click early after the first two options. 

Is there any way to pause a slide with a hyperlink?  Is there any way to kill a browser window with a hyperlink? I'm searching this site, but despite putting "presenter" in my search, the conversation is all about Storyline.

I've already tried Dave Moxon's inline external link tutorial:

It also works great, BUT I lose all of that great Articulate functionality (annotations, animations, synch) when I bring in the web object.

Are there any other workarounds?

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