Player Frame Text differs from Course title

I just ran into this "problem" and am not sure how to resovle it.  The course title that the was entered into the Published Title fields displays corrective but the player frame that SumTotal places around the course shows the same title but a dfiferent versionnumber. 

As you can see in the image the Content Player is showign Version 2 but the course is Version 3.  Where does the content player get it's data so I can correct this? The course is publised in SCORM Version 1.2



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Brian Batt

Hi Shawn,

Your LMS should be grabbing this data from the index_lms.html file.  I've seen some LMS's that don't properly update all of the files even when you upload a new version of the file.  The first thing I'd recommend doing is clearing your cache.  If that doesn't resolve the issue, remove the course from SumTotal.  Then, upload the file again.