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Federico Loustaunau

Hi Emily,

*I don't have them hosted. I have them in my computer (Dropbox) and could
not open them nither at home, nor at work.*

*I don't have the Articulate installed at work so I cannot share the
packages form here.*

*Trying to open them, they all it stays like this!*

[image: Imágenes integradas 1]

Emily Ruby

Hi Federico,

Are the files you have in Dropbox the originals or the published output? In order to open the original files, you would need to have Studio 09 installed on your machine. If you have the published folder, you would need to host these on a web server, or LMS (depending on how you published them) to view.

Once you get to a machine with 09 installed, you can add the files here for us to take a look.

Federico Loustaunau

*The files in Dropbox are the published output (all the folders). In the
past I could open the courses by doing click on the player.html with no
need to host them. A copy of one of these courses is in the server of a
client and they have access to view it just clicking the player.html icon*

As soon as I get to the machine with 09 installed, I'll add the files here
for U to take a look.