Publish does not reflect new template

Hi there:

I have a course that, when published, does not reflect the correct player template.  I revised the template to include a scrub bar and audio button.  I then SAVE AS to another name and used that template.  In Preview mode the template shows up.  I have republished four times but the scrub bar does not appear.  I renamed the presentation and added the revised template, and still not luck.  Please help as this is supposed to go live and right now the user does not have any control over the audio.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Susan!

Please make sure you are working locally as described here.

When you publish this for testing, view your content in the environment for which it was published:

  • Web: Upload your presentation to a web server and view the content with a valid http address.
  • LMS: Upload your presentation to your LMS, then login as an end-user and view the course, or you can test on the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing.
  • Articulate Online: Upload your presentation to your Articulate Online account.
  • Offline: If you'll be distributing your content offline, publish for CD.