Sync Animations screen too large, unnavigable

Running Win7, Ofc2010, all is OK except the Sync Animations screen is too large for use. I cannot re-size it. I've tried these:

1. Set all three sizes (sm, med, large) of screen display in all possible resolutions (1680 x 1050 recommended);

2. Reinstalled Articulate Suite;

3. Reinstalled Microsoft Visual Basic, as recommended in a Win7-related thread.


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Wayne Vermillion

Justin, DPI settings are 100% of 96 DPI. Here's a screen shot. Notice the screen navigation is cut off on the left, and the size/close buttons are cut off on the top right.

Also, whenever I re-size the bottom Windows ribbon, the Sync Ani's screen automatically follows suit, filling in all space to the top of the Windows ribbon. Not sure if that's significant.

Wayne Vermillion

Justin, although Sync Animations is not quite how I remember it, and although I've never before seen the  Annotations item on my taskbar, and although I've had to use Task Mgr to force a stop to the PPT/Articulate process, synchronization is functional, so I'll accept it as long as it contnues functioning so that I can continue functioning.

But something is indeed wrong since I installed Win7.