UI Admin Require Notice11


  • Articulate Studio 13
  • Windows 8.1
  • Administrative Privileges
  • Installed software as Administrator ("Run as Administrator")
  • Open Software as Administrator ("Run as Administrator")

My previous computer was set up with an Administrator and a User.  I worked as a user and Articulate asked me to work as an Administrator when working with Articulate 13, which I did and it did not correct the issue.  The computer was stolen and on my new computer I set up just a single Administrative Account and I still have the issue.  The error "UI AdminRequireNotice11" randomly pops up and I have to re-register the products.  This is getting very old!!  Is this a known issue or is it just me?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ke Lo!

This actually has been reported and I know that our QA Team was looking into this.

However, running the software as Administrator was the temporary resolution for the user reporting. 

Go ahead and file your issue with support as well so that we can track instances and try to narrow down the issue.