Weird mouseover effect with Web Object in Presenter '13

I added a Web Object to a slide that embeds a YouTube video, and it's behaving strangely in Firefox. The video doesn't display unless you move the cursor over top of where the video should be displaying. Basically, it's working like a mouseover. The video displays fine, without the mouseover, in Chrome (51.0.2704.103) and IE 11.

I discovered the problem while testing on a web server. I also uploaded it to an LMS (Sakai) and was able to replicate the mouseover behavior. I tried changing the settings too (uncheck load automatically and starting web object at 1 second), and neither of those worked.

Here's a link to the published video that I uploaded to the web server. I also included an attachment of the settings to the Web Object.


Latest version of Presenter '13
PowerPoint 2013
Firefox 47
Flash 22,0,0,192
Windows 7

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tim -- Thanks for the opportunity to check out your file! When I tested the published output via in FireFox 47 as seen here, it appears to come up without needing to mouse over the area where it should be. Could you please check out the link I shared above and let me know if you are having issues with what I provided, as well?

Tim Danner

I'm still seeing the mouseover effect in Firefox. However, since you weren't able to replicate the problem, I decided to check both of our copies using Firefox on two different computers that have the exact same setup and browser/software versions as mine but don't have certain browser add-ons that I'm using with Firefox. As I suspected, the video displayed fine, without the mouseover, in FF on the other two computers. Probably some add-on in my browser that's causing the problem. Thanks for looking into the issue.