Which animations will be supported in the 2013 version?

Hi. I'm hoping that an Articulate developer who is monitoring this forum  might be able to help me. I need to know which of the currently unsupported Powerpoint transitions will be supported in the 2013 version:


I'm building a course with the goal of publishing in the 2013 version.  I don't want to design around limitations that will not exist in that version. Is support for additional animations "in plan" for 2013? If so, which animations will be supported? I'm not asking for a firm commitment, just a general sense of what you are planning.


DeDe Morton

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Dwayne Schamp

Here's the list of currently support animations for '09:


I've been using '10 with Studio '09 for that past couple years, and have learned the limitations, but found ways to work around.

I never use the Synch tool. I always use the PPT animation frame for my animations. This means I also have to have my current audio up in another tool (Goldwave or Audacity are good freeware/shareware audio tools). But doing this means I can pinpoint my animations exactly. And if I need to edit, i don't have to re-synch the whole screen.

But that's how I learned PPT before these tools came about, which makes me old-school I guess