5 Seconds Delay on Next in Quizmaker


I have Quizmaker '13. Can you confirm that if you hide/lock the questionlist (which I don't want to show) the default 5 seconds delay applies to each slide?

That means the Next button is visible but you MUST wait 5 seconds for each slide before you can move on? Users report that they have to "click multiple times", sometimes 6-7 times to move on to the next question (in fact they just have to wait the 5 seconds). 

I know I can change that on the timeline for the questions but how do I change that globally for all the 300 questions? Or a more appropriate question, can I just set it that Next/Prev or Submit is clickable once visible? It's confusing for users right now. The issues gets resolved if I turn on the Question list but it's not ideal.


Thanks a lot! 


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