Drag and drop matching won't let me try a second time

Hi, I want to create a quiz with only one question; it's a matching drag-and-drop; and I want to give students three attempts. Everything works fine but after the first incorrect attempt the pieces remain attached. Articulate says Try again but it won't reset the exercise. What am I doing wrong? I have set the number of attempts in both the Quiz properties and in the Question. Which is the correct place?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Guillermo, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

When you give learners a retry option on your question, the question doesn't reset itself to its "unvisited" state... learners will see the question as it was when they last answered it, and they will be able to change their answer. In the case of a matching drag-and-drop question, they'll be able to rearrange their answers to make different matching pairs.

It sounds like you want the question to appear in its unvisited state when they retry - so here's a workaround for you. Since your quiz only contains one question, what you could do is let the learner retry the entire quiz (which does reset everything to its unvisited state).

Check out this example and see if it gives the behavior you're looking for. In Quizmaker, I set the question attempts to 1, and set the Feedback to None (since I opted to use the quiz result slide for the feedback instead). Then I added the quiz to my course, and in the properties I set the retries to 3. Here's a link to the source files so you can take a look. I hope that helps!

Guillermo Alzuru

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for your response and the example. I just do not get it. Your example works just fine, but I replicate exactly all your parameters and settings and mine still does not work. Also, your reasoning is very similar to mine. I am trying, like you, to allow students to retake the quiz three times but cannot get it to work.

I'm confused because you say you set the question attempts to 1, yet I can see in the file you sent me that the question attempts is set to 3. I tried both 1 and 3 and neither one works.

I think the key must be what you call "...and in the properties I set the retries to 3." Where do you do that? My common sense tells me that in order to retry the quiz three times you set the attempts in Quiz Properties to 3, but you have yours set to 1.

Another possibility is the way you set up the whole thing. I am embedding my quiz.swf inside a web page which is part of a lesson in a course. What you sent me has three slides and the quiz is in the second. First, I don't know if that would work for me, I don't want students to go out of the lesson to take the quiz, or to open a new window; second, I would not know how to do that. Like I said, I just started working with Articulate last week.  Is that setup necessary? Are you using Articulate Presenter to accomplish that?

Thanks again, Jeanette,


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Guillermo , and I'm so sorry if what I gave you was confusing! Yes, the example that I sent was built in Articulate Presenter and Quizmaker. The quiz slide is between 2 content slides. The reason that I added the course to a PowerPoint/Presenter project is because this is what permits you to give retries on the entire quiz. And yeah, the quiz properties I referred to (where I set the retries to 3) are something that you set within Presenter, on the slide where the quiz appears in the course.

Unfortunately it sounds like this approach doesn't quite fit what you're looking for, if you are embedding your quiz.swf into a web page. For a standalone quiz that isn't part of a course, there isn't really a way (outside of deploying it through an LMS) to offer a retry option. Let me ask Brian in Support if he might know of a different way of doing what you have in mind, okay?

Jeanette Brooks

OK, following up. I checked w/Brian and one option is to keep the quiz within a Presenter "course" that consists of just the quiz slide and maybe 1 follow-up slide... this is what would enable you to give quiz retries. Then you could embed the course itself (rather than just the quiz.swf) into your web page. This thread contains info on how to do that.

If you don't want the quiz to appear as if it's wrapped in the Presenter player, you could always go with a chromeless player skin, which you can find here.

If you'd like to use this approach, and you want a little more help customizing the quiz properties & such, just let us know and we can help you out.

Guillermo Alzuru

Okay, I really appreciate all your help. I think for now I'll limit the tries to only one attempt, and tell students that if they want to retry the quiz they must reload the page and then answer NO to the question "Would you like to resume your quiz where you left off?

I'll review the suggestions you are given carefully, and will implement whichever works best.

Thank you very much.

Jeanette Brooks

Ok, sounds good Guillermo. By the way, if you'd rather not display that prompt about resuming, you can turn that off so that when students refresh the page, it won't display (the quiz will just restart from the beginning, without a prompt). Here's how: in Quizmaker, click Player Templates > Edit > Navigation, and then unmark the box that says "Prompt to resume on quiz restart."