How to capture scores from multiple laptops?

For an upcoming conference, I'm loading two lessons and associated quizzes on half a dozen, stand-alone, laptop computers for minimally monitored use during the conference. We need to capture scores for successful participants, which I'll credit in our Moodle LMS after the event. How can I best do this?

My fall-back approach is to require participants to screen-copy their ending scores for each lesson, then save those images as files with each participant's name in a common directory. After the event, I could then retrieve those images for scores transposition into the LMS. Is there a more elegant, less participatory approach?

I also thought about downloading the trial version of Articulate Online onto each laptop, then extracting a clean report from each machine, but even if that meets legitimate use guidelines, it works me too hard.

Thanks in advance!

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Stefano Posti

Hi Wayne,

that really depends on how much time you have  to setup the 10 workstations... if you don't have a minute spare, you  could just print the quiz results like Brian said , even using the XPS local file (the virtual printer provided by Ms windows);

Personally, in a similar occasion, last summer I just set up a moodle portable installation withe the published course and the preloaded users, and copied with a USB stick  onto each PC, just like Phil suggested... it worked great!!!