New Computer - Need my templates from the old one

Hi! I just got a new computer and successfully uninstalled Studio '09 from my old one and installed it on my new computer.

I need to copy my custom templates over from my old computer. I found the templates for Presenter in the C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates folder.  However, I'm not sure where the templates are located for Quizmaker.

Since I don't have my custom Quizmaker templates on my new computer, Quizmaker shuts down "unexpectedly" everytime I try to work with a quiz that I created on my old computer. I even tried creating a new quiz and importing the questions from another quiz, but Quizmaker "unexpectedly" shuts down. There is no additional information on the message, just that there was an error.

Any help in finding those QM template files would be much appreciated!!



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Angie Johnson

Thanks Justin - I just uploaded it. The file name is ShoreTel_Final_Exam-20110406-0745.quiz. Quizmaker shuts down when I try to edit a question. I tried to import my questions into a new quiz but got the same error when I tried to edit a question.

Thanks so much for looking at this!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nick! The support article for Studio repair can be found here.  Also, you should be able to send your templates to your co-worker, and this thread discusses that more. I hope that these are able to help you.  If you need anything further, just let us know and you can also submit a case if you you'd like some help from our support team.  Thanks so much and I hope that you are having a great day!