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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jos -- Thanks for reaching out here! My apologies if I am not clear on your question, but could you please share your file so that we have a better idea of what you are hoping to accomplish? And in case you haven't had a chance to review this information, here is a great set of articles that covers variables, results... the works! :)

Liz Manera

Hi Jeanette,

I notice that this conversation is over 3 years old, I am wondering if the option to only displaying only the incorrect questions on the retries feature is available in Storyline 2 (without having to use so many variables and triggers on each question).

If so, can I apply this if I am using question banks?


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Liz, Storyline 2 doesn't currently offer the ability to display only incorrect questions when the learner retries a quiz. And since I haven't tested that earlier workaround on a question bank, I'm not sure if that would present additional challenges or not. What you might find an easier solution is to instead set the number of retries on individual questions. That way the learner can retry each question at a time, if they answer incorrectly (rather than waiting till the entire quiz is concluded).

Jahn Vannisselroy

Hi Jeanette, awesome explanation. I'm wondering what triggers to use if I was wanting to avoid the feedback incorrect/correct slides from appearing (so the user would just move from question to question with no feedback). The trigger on the correct slide ('set questionXcorrect = to true when timeline starts')   - where would they go instead? Thanks.

Jahn Vannisselroy

Thanks for your reply, Jeanette. Yes, I do want to avoid feedback - but still want to retry only those questions the learner got wrong (as per your example file).

Where then would I put the trigger ('set questionXcorrect = to true when timeline starts') - as that trigger currently it sits on the 'correct' feedback slide that I would setting to none? I've had a play myself but can't quite figure it out.

Jeanette Brooks

I'm sorry Jahn, I don't know of a straightforward way to avoid feedback while showing only the incorrect questions on retries. The workaround I shared earlier is kind of a hack that relies on the use of feedback layers, so I'm not sure it's possible. It would be great to have this behavior built-in to Storyline... this would make a great feature request.