Pick Many: Selecting and Deselecting Items becomes permanent

Alright so, I chose to use the Pick Many quiz option. I've created my background and photos for the slide. I selected the correct answers for the user to pick. I tested it out several times with the correct answers selected, the wrong answers selected and a mix of both. All that worked great. As I was testing it out, I came across a problem. I'm not sure if it is a setting in the program that I have to deselect for it to work or if its a bug with the program; but when I click on a picture (Shows it's highlighted) and I change my mind and I don't want to select the picture because it's incorrect (Becomes Un-Highlighted) and I submit my answers with all the correct answers selected it turns out to be wrong. It doesn't matter if I selected all the correct answers it will always be wrong. This only happens when I select and deselect the wrong answer. It's as if it's permanently highlighted once selected. I selected all the correct answers and then deselected them so that it showed no answers were highlighted but when I click submit, the answer was correct.

Does this make sense? Please let me know if you have a solution to this.



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Tim Nassar

Hi Leslie,

I opened your file and it seemed to work perfectly for me. I created a document and it worked fine. I continued on the same working document to make it the same as my previous document by adding photos, text and all. I went to test it again and it did the same thing. I started to play around with program some more and I found the solution. I had grouped my pictures and text boxes together and I guess the program does't like that. When they were grouped together I highlighted and unhighlighted them, they would mark it as incorrect. I ungrouped them and tried again by highlighting and then unhighligting them and it worked.

Kind of a weird error. But I got it to work!

Thanks for the help!


TJ Palazzolo

I think I ran into this same Quizmaker Pick Many problem. If my answers are groups of shapes and text, and the learner selects and then deselects a wrong answer, it's still treated as a wrong answer. But at this point I have 30+ Pick Many questions that all use shape groups as answers. And I've verified the same problem when testing many of them. I know my learners will eventually complain about this bug. What should I do? Convert all groups to images? Create a support case? I just updated my Studio 13 install this week to the latest (Update 5?). Thanks!

TJ Palazzolo

I know - it's hard to explain in words. I attached an example. This is the test case:

  1. Run the example
  2. Click all 4 of the answer options to highlight them
  3. Click the 2 wrong answer options to deselect them (remove the glow)
  4. Click Submit. Even though only the 2 correct answers were highlighted, it shows the Incorrect panel.