Printing results on survey question

I haven't used the print results of a quiz/survey before, so I think I must have missed something.

I have a quiz that has 4 likert question sets and an essay - it's a self assessment that we are asking participants to complete prior to a face to face training. I want them to be able to print the cumulative selection and their essay response.

When I publish it and print results, it opens a browser window, but there is no quiz information on it. I did set it to review results and print in the survey results setting, but it is not working. 

Advice? Suggestions? Am I trying to do something beyond the capabilities of quizmaker?

Thanks Holly

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Holly MacDonald

Hi Peter.

OK, so I'm using Chrome not IE (is that the problem?) as my default browser, it automatically opens in that when I view file. Do I need to set IE as my default?

Testing locally once published.

First time had pop-up blocker message come up, allowed for pop-up, republished.

Still getting same result. 

Next step?

Margaret Morse

Did you ever find a fix for this? I've looked at the page you suggested above,  and tried it in Chrome. I usually use Mozilla, and it doesn't seem to work in either place. I've read the page you suggested above, and it's not very helpful. I've gotten slightly better results with a graded quiz (gives pass/fail and a percentage), but like Holly, I want participants to be able to print their answers as notes to use during an online seminar, so I've created surveys.