Quiz Formatting in CD and LMS published versions


We've experienced a few quirks on some of  our quizzes. 

In one scenario, the quiz answers are messy, not formatted well and overlap other answers (they can be a lengthy answer in a multiple choice question or a matchign question) which makes it hard to match it up or read it.  While creating it, it looks fine.  It's when it's published to the CD version that it gets "messy"

Additionally, a while back I published a training to go on our LMS.  It's a same training that I'd previously published for CD distribution.  On the CD, the quiz is fine, but on the LMS version, the answers for the questions are mismatched to the wrong questions.  I have no idea why this happend, but it obviously won't work that way!  As I said, the CD version is fine as far as correct answers matching up with their questions, just not on the LMS version.

Is there a fix to this?  Help is greatly appreciated! 


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Kelly Baldwin

Justin Wilcox said:

Hi Kelly. For your first issue, can you send us your quiz so we can take a closer look?


For your second issue, try removing the quiz from your LMS and republishing the quiz for LMS and see if the issue persists.

How do I ONLY republish the quiz to my LMS... wouldn't it have to go as a complete package with the training in order to stay assoicated with the training.  We are using Learn.com (now Taleo.com) as our LMS provider, FYI.

I will upload the quiz, but it may not happen until Monday as the rest of my day here is crunched!    Thanks!