Quizmaker '13 Turn off Feedback


I have QM '13. I set the default not to show feedback. Then imported hundreds of questions in several groups. What happened is that the first question in each group is correctly set not to show feedback. However, all others in the group are set to "By Question".

I attempted to select all questions in a group and then modify the feedback to none but it doesn't work. It seems like I can't change that option for multiple questions. 

Without going through the 300 questions one by one and set them to feedback none, is there any other way to enforce this? What am I doing wrong?


Thanks a lot!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Preston,

Unfortunately I don't have any updates to share as this is still with our QA team for additional review. Since you've responded in this thread, you'll now be subscribed and can receive any updates via email. 

Thanks for reaching out and we appreciate your patience as our team continues to investigate. 

Ren Gomez

Hi San,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the ability to adjust feedback to None for all questions at the same time is not possible. You'll have to adjust each one in the Display options individually.

I appreciate your plus one for this feature! While we acknowledge it's been requested for years now, the impact and benefit it would bring to most users are key factors we take into account. You can read more about our process here.