Quizmaker Quizzes showing up in Presenter 13 but not in QM

I have several Quizmaker  quizzes in my course in Presenter 13. I can access them through Presenter but cannot find them anywhere on my computer or when I open QM directly. Can someone tell me what is going on?

The quizzes with the same names, are not the updated versions I have changed from within Presenter. I have spent many hours working on these and need to know where I can locate them on my computer.

I have checked all Articulate folders and Articulate projects folders as well. Done a thorough search on my computer looking for them by the actual .quiz extension and the only ones that come up are the older versions.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Nelson Diaz

If you can't find your updated quizzes, you can always extract them from the .ppta file as a work around.  Make a copy of your project's ppta file and rename it to something like "extracted_files" and change the .ppta extension to .zip.  Unzip or extract the files from your newly created "extracted_files.zip" and find the new extracted folder bearing the same name you used to create it.  Look for the sub-folder named "embedded content", which will contain all of your embedded files (quizzes and interactions) in separate sub-folders. I've noticed that my post-assessments retain their original name, as well as the .quiz extension, but the knowledge checks are usually renamed and the letter "z" in quiz is removed from the file extension.  Simply add the missing Z to the file exttension and you should be good to go.

June Dunlap

Thank you very much. I tried this but I continue to get an error telling me the zip file is empty.

I found another way to get it opening it through presenter, once open, use the Send command! Email it to yourself, from your email you can save the .quiz file.

Thanks again for your help.