quizzes in articulate '09 and '13


I am working with articulate '13 on an already existing course that I created in articulate '09 and now have a problem with my quiz questions at the end of the course.

In the '09 version it worked like this: at the end of the course you have to answer 10 questions/quizzes to pass the course. You have 3 attempts for each question, when you are wrong the third time, you are branched to a specific slide within the content of the presentation where you can find the answer to the question. From the content slide the presentation goes on chronologically or the user can directly go to the quiz again and can answer the question correctly. Only then the user can procceed to the next quiz. In the '09 version this "endless loop" (try 3 times, be thrown back, try 3 times, ... and so on) was possible, in the '13 version it is not possible anymore. I can branch the user back to the content slide with the solution, but the user doesn't have another chance to solve the question: Going to the quiz again, the user is not able to do anything within the quiz, because there are already the checks that were set the last time and he/she can't do any changes.

How can I solve this, do you have an idea for me?

I would prefer a branching solution, so I won't have to use another (feedback,...) slide.

Thanks for your help,

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