Randomizing Questions Question - Can this be done?


We have four sets of question banks with 30 questions in each set.  We need to RANDOMLY CHOOSE one of these complete sets of questions for each person taking the quiz.  

Is there a way of setting up these four sets of questions in a way that Quizmaker 13 can automatically RANDOMLY CHOOSE one set.

What we are trying to do is take a classroom based course where we would normally just randomly hand a student one of four question papers (each paper having 30 questions) and have Articulate randomly decide which of the course question sets it gives a student.  (I hope that make sense!)

Any thoughts, help or direction would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help!

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Dave Newgass

Hi @Leslie, 

That's a drag.  Yes, basically we just wanted the system to 'lock' a set of 30 questions together and have 4 sets of those.  The system would then just pick one of four question sets that have the 30 questions in there.  Those set of 30 questions don't have to be randomised....just the four sets as if a teacher was randomly handing out an exam from a stack of exams papers.

Does that make better sense?