SNAGIT MP4 would not load in Replay? Issue?

I used SNAGIT to capture a 1 minute video (navigation screens). The file was was saved as a MP4. I was unable to load the SNAGIT video video in Replay.

I used iMacsoft iPad Video Converter software to "convert to MP4- this file did load in Replay?

Any issue with loading SNAGIT MP4 files loading directly to Replay? Thanks for your help?

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Pam Harris

When I import an MP4 that was recorded with Skype, playing the video works the first time. However, after audio plays for any one section, backing up to replay it causes the audio to not be heard unless I save the file and reopen it. What can I do?  I am using a trial version of Replay 360

Pam Harris

Honeywell Internal

The file is proprietary so I cannot send it to you. I found a work around. The Skype file was an MP4. What worked for me was to publish the file from Articulate to my hard drive, and then open it, and publish it again from Articulate to my hard drive. The second time I published it, it allowed me to replay sections of the audio that I'd already listened to.