508 compliant courses


Has anyone been successful in creating and publishing a fully compliant course? If so I would love to know the steps you took to get there!

I have a simple 10 slide module that I want the user be able to tab through. I have:

  • Removed unnecessary objects from showing alt text (background images, colored boxes, lines, boxes on feedback layers).
  • Added customized alt text for items I want screen readers to read.
  • Customized the tab order (Tab through items. Use the enter key on next to move to next page, to select an answer, try again, and continue).
  • When publishing, do not select HTML5.

What else am I missing? Thank you!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Nicole,

Sounds like you're on the right track there! Here are some articles and tutorials you may find helpful for ensuring 508 compliance in Storyline:

I also found this 508-compliant Storyline Demo Course you may want to check out.

Hope those are helpful, and perhaps members of the community may be able to chime in with some specific tips and examples as well!