508 issues in final product

I need a way to add alt tags to the GUI elements so that they can be read by a screen reader.  My published package is not passing ANDI 508 inspection.  For instance, the Logo has no alt tag and various buttons have no lables.  I am using the latest version of Storyline 3.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to add these post production or better yet, incorporate them pre-publish into my storyline package.


Thank you in advance for your help.



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Sam Hill

Hi Susan,

ALT text can be managed through Storyline using the properties of the elements on the slide. Select the element you wish to add ALT text to, right click, and then select the Accessibility option. You will then be presented with the following dialogue box.

Ensure the checkbox is selected and enter the text you wish to be read by screen readers. You will find that for elements such as Buttons, and shapes with text, the text within them is inherited by the ALT text.

Also, another important note, anything you add to your slide has the "Object is visible to accessibility tools" selected. You will therefore have to ensure anything you do not want read by screen readers is de-selected. For example, adding a shape to the slide will add a pretty meaningless ALT Text to the shape.

You can also remove items you don't wont read by the screen reader using the Focus order option under the Home tab. Anything that appears in the order will be read by the screen reader. You can select elements in the Focus order dialogue view and select the Trash to remove. This is the same as de-selecting "Object is visible to accessibility tools".

Let me know if you need any clarification.

Susan Lord

Thank you for this information.  Everything within my course is taken care of.  My issue is in the actual GUI (the skin surrounding the course).  Do you know how to access those elements?  IE... there is an arrow in front of the next button that is tabable, but has no label for the screen reader.  There are quite a few of tabable elements in the GUI that have no alt labels and are failing 508 ANDI testing.

Sam Hill

Ah, sorry. I understand. I thought the Storyline player was accessible. I'm not sure if SL360 is any different to SL3. Also, which screen reader is being used? I don't think they support all, but I think JAWS and NVDA are supported. I'll check it out on my side.

This is the information I get from JAWS/Chrome when I trigger JAWS to read the page: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/0d079e4d-84d7-49d0-a51f-72f830d2bc1e/review

Susan Lord

We are using NVDA.  The content area of Storyline is accessible. The wrapper/gui is currently only partially compliant. For instance, I cannot add an alt tag to the logo that we added to the GUI.  There are also tabbable elements in the wrapper/GuI that are not alt tagged.  We are using storyline 3. I am wondring is 360 is updated?