A self contained database within a Game Elearning module to create a High Score Table than users can see?

I am working on an Elearning module that will be game based. I have been asked if it is possible to add a High Score list to make it more competitive so that when  user takes the course in the LMS they can see the high scores of the other users similar. The scores of the users would need to be captured and stored within the module itself like a self contained database.

Is this something that has been done, or could this be a feature request to be able to add a database" widget" to capture scores in descending order?

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Matthew Bibby

Stored within the module itself? No, that's not possible with SCORM because data related to one learner (e.g. their score) cannot be written to the SCORM package to be accessed by another learner. It's just not how it works.

You'd need an external database of some sort. For example,  you could export each learners score to a Google Spreadsheet and then import the top scores back in to build your high score list.