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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sudheer,

Not sure if either of these ideas will work for you, but perhaps they'll be a start.

First, did you know there's a Zoom Picture button available? It may not be right for you, since I'm not aware of being able to specify the zoom in size. But in any case, if you click the picture, and then click the Format tab, you'll see the Zoom Picture button in the Size group. W

The other thing that may work:

Add states

  • Insert the picture at 100%. Turn on a fade animation.
  • Add a new state for 33%. With this new state active (in Edit States mode), format the picture so the size is 33%.
  • Repeat with a new state for 53%.
  • Click "Done Editing States.
  • From the states tab, set the initial state for the picture to hidden.

Add the triggers

Insert a shape offstage and set a trigger to change the picture to the 33% state when the timeline starts for the shape.

Insert a 2nd shape offstage, and set a trigger to change the picture to the 53% state when the timeline starts for THAT shape.

Move this 2nd shape to the position on the timeline where the picture is supposed to zoom in.

Let us know if that may work. If the directions aren't clear, I can probably upload a sample in a bit. Have another obligation at the moment.

Jeanette Brooks

Great ideas, Becky! Sudheer I'm not sure of the exact effect you're wanting to create, but another thought is to try the Zoom Region feature. Although there's not a way to set the zoom to a specific percentage, it might be helpful in giving learners a closer look at whatever object you want to emphasize.