accessibility course for blind and hear trouble users: change the size of the letter

Hola team,

We are developing now a course that requires full accessibility for blind and hear trouble users and we found a concrete problem where we don't find solution jet. The user has to be able to change the size of the letter. What kind of solutions Articulate offer right now?

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Katie Riggio

Great question and topic, DL. You can learn more about our work in this area here!

There isn't a built-in option in Storyline to adjust the font size by the learner, but they can change how the size appears by using their browser's zoom feature‚Äďalso, by holding the keyboard keys: Ctrl and or Command and + for Mac. This would allow learners to adjust the overall size of the course and make the content easier to see.

The community may have a code approach to this, so I'll open the floor to them!