Adding an Audio Description Track to a Video


I have two questions specific to adding audio descriptions to videos in Storyline (360), they are: 

  1. Has anyone attempted to add an audio description track to a video uploaded to Storyline? If so, how did you set this up?
  2. Is there a way to clearly identify an audio description track in Storyline? (i.e. button which triggers audio start/stop?)

For reference, I'm attempting to meet WCAG criterion 1.2.3 Audio Description or Media Alternative (Prerecorded) and would like to include both audio description AND and a transcript.

Thank you.

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Chris Maugino

Hi Agnieska,

I appreciate that your post is about 3 months old. Did you manage to do it? if so, how? I'm also trying to implement it. The way I can see it working would be to

  • add 2 separate videos (video1 with the normal track and video2 with the Audio description). 
  • Place video2 behind video1 so that if people were to click on the video they can only click on video1, 
  • In the 'Tab order' or using the 'accessibility' option in the context menu in the timeline, I'd remove video1 so that if people use tab, they would go straight to video2 and play it =

However this option mean having 2 videos, adding more mb to the scorm file. You also need to customise extra trigger because video2 would be behind video 1 so it will need to come at the forefront when playing..... unless (I'm thinking out loud here), we don't need another video, but just an audio track.

Thoughts and ideas are welcome

Lauren Connelly

You'll see that in the VPAT, WCAG 1.2.3 is supported. To meet this criterion, we recommend giving learners a separate audio track or a detailed text-based alternative that describes video content that can’t be heard in the audio, such as chyrons, character actions, and scene changes.

You can review the criterion to see suggested techniques.