Adding New Content in Translation Export File

Our team is currently working on updating a course that requires translation into multiple languages.  One question that we have about working with the translation files is how to match the translation output with the physical Storyline file, does the ID column match the Storyline file line to page?  The other question that has been asked is can we add new content (i.e., pages) within the export file, although I think for new content we will need to manually create the pages within the Storyline file.

Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shawn,

When you pull the translation export, the text you're seeing is as it is on your slide - and so you'd change each individual item within that section. You could look at pulling it with the reference column and that would allow you to see both languages side by side. 

I'm not sure what you meant about adding new content in the pages? You won't be able to create brand new text boxes - but you can add or change as much of the text within the translation set up. Here is a bit more information on working with the translation document. 

Shawn Stiles

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for the response, and for confirming that we cannot add new pages within the translation.  The part that is difficult for our team when dealing with the other languages is trying to visually compare the translated output with the Storyline screens. When the text is exported the sequence of the export does not match the screen sequence of the course itself, for instance when I export the English version the first page of the export are the menu options.  What they are looking for is advice/guidance on  how to accurately compare the export to the Storyline file when dealing with the translations. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shawn,

I'd look at using the reference column as well then, so that as they look at translating they'll be able to refer back to what it was previously. As far as the order, it'll depend on your set up - but elements such as the player items (i.e. the menu) will appear before the slide content itself.