Adding new PPT Template to existing Storyline 360 Course


I'm trying to update the 'look and feel' of an existing course in Storyline 360. The current Storyline course has all correct content, but the imaging and slide backgrounds are outdated. 

I've been provided a new PPT template to replace the background of the current Storyline course; was hoping I could just copy those new (blank) PPT slides over into Storyline and 'switch out the background with the new PPT template provided. Haven't had any luck, and hoping I can update the existing course without having to re-create the entire course.... any thoughts? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicole!

We're happy to help! It sounds like you have an outdated Storyline course and looking to change the images and background. I'd look at adding a custom Slide Master layout with the background you'd like to use. Then in the Slide View, choose Apply Layout located in the HOME tab. You'll see all of the slide layouts and select the one with the correct background.

If you have individual images on each slide, you'll want to add them to each slide in Slide View rather than in the Slide Master.