Answering as many quiz/trivia questions as possible within a set period of time.

I'm trying to set up an environment where the user answers as many questions as possible within a set period of time. The time remaining would be displayed on the screen, steadily counting down. At the end, it would show how many questions they correctly answered within that period.

I found this, for example, while I was trying to find a solution. It gives you one minute to answer as many questions as possible, then tells you how many you got right.

For example, I would add maybe 100 questions and randomize their order, then give the user about a minute to get through as many as possible. I did find out how to add a timer, but it's pretty small and it's in the upper-right hand corner rather than prominently displayed.

Any ideas? This has been driving me nuts for days!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

I think Brian may be referring to setting up the timer using Javascript. It's not something I can assist with, but the basics and our best practices are outlined here (that is for Storyline 2, and a similar version here for Storyline 360) and then the community is a great resource to help you out! 

Best of luck with your project and I'd love to see what you come up with if you're able to share!

Russell Killips

Here is something that should get you started. I did this in Storyline 2. Adjust the variable nSeconds to the total seconds that you want to count down from.

Questions are randomly drawn from a question bank. When you add more questions to the bank, make sure to use the Master Slide layout titled Quiz.

When the timer reaches 00:00, you are taken automatically to the Results Slide.